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“I am so pleased with their service, knowledge and toughness. They knew what to do. They knew what I needed.
– LegalGenius Client

Before I contacted you other attorneys would not return my calls and when I did talk to them they gave me the run around. Now the insurance company is running scared.
– LegalGenius Client

I am glad I found LegalGenius. I always saw the ads on television and thought, ‘no way’. I never thought that I would need someone to fight for me.
– LegalGenius Client

Thank you once again for your hard work on this impossible case. May God bless you and your family for the help you extend to injured people like me.
– LegalGenius Client

Thank you again for your tremendous effort in winning my case.
– LegalGenius Client

Mathew Schwartz won my case. I’m so grateful.
– LegalGenius Client

Mathew Schwartz helped my injured child and my family.
– LegalGenius Client

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