Who is LegalGenius?

Our growth has been spurred by our clients’ needs for:

Better Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys across the nation are knowledgeable in all facets of the law.

Better Communication

We respond within 5 minutes of receiving your question. We always answer all inquiries promptly.

Lawyers Who Care

We are constantly trying to grow our client relationships through excellent personalized service.

Lawyers Who Win

Our ability to adapt our strategies to our clients’ evolving needs give us an edge toward winning cases.

It’s that simple. We are better lawyers because we adhere to the promises we make,
we care about our clients and we get results. We WIN!!

Ask the Genius

Do I have a case?

The following information you provide is strictly confidential. Our office will only use this information to determine the viability of your legal claim. To send a question to LegalGenius.com, please fill out our form. Please supply as much information as possible – the more information you provide the more constructive our response will be.

A member of our legal team will contact you within 5 minutes. There is always the possibility of delay but we always respond to your question the same day. We will contact you by phone or email, so make sure your telephone number and email address are correct.

You can always contact us; call 1-800-209-4000.

We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Our Objective

    The guiding principles of our firm, is providing extraordinary legal services to our clients. This principle is upheld by our daily affirmation to cherish and nurture our relationships with clients by providing prompt personal service and expert legal advice.

    Our Strategy

    In today’s ever-changing marketplace, law firms must adapt their organizations to keep pace with the needs of their clients. Our practice evolves in response to this demand, and we continually modify our capabilities to better serve our clients.

    Our Pledge

    We are committed and dedicated to our clients and we will do everything possible to win. We are better because:
    We Care More About Our Clients. We Get Results. We WIN!